Do you think its a sensor issue? Have cylinder compression checked . I always need things like oil, filters, shop rags that I can purchase with the credit. but it wouldnt explain why there is no CEL and if any of the above was bad why would the vehicle run and drive perfect that one time with the TPS unplugged. Not sure whether the procedures are applicable across all 1st gen models, though. Help? this happened on one of my previous cars, it was the spark plugs and the distributor. When the transmission shifts, engine noise usually will quiet down, and the RPMs will drop. Youll probably have to take it to a shop to get that diagnosed. I took several days before reseting the CEL "took". Spark plug health, Air Filter clean, Fuel Filter replacement. EPB, BMS for Specific Vehicles, Software Lifelong Free Update, NOT Support All Cars $199.00 . Car hesitates when accelerating. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. That rules out 2, 3, and 4 of your theory. If it's been sittting, you may have condensation and/or rust in the tank making it's way through the system. Engine starts right up and idles smoothly. It doesn't happen every day but more days yes than no. It is also common to experience issues when switching from park to drive for transmission problems. replace if needed . If you can use a scanner live data check your oxygen sensors especially the upstream sensors can cause all kinds of problems and sometimes won't throw a code ! It can perform light off-roading tasks while still being able to tow a good amount of weight. They definitely needed replaced, but that still didn't fix the bucking issues. What is interesting about the problem is that it only occurs as follows: driving at around about 60 miles an hour and slowly accelerating. My front end shakes when I accelerate at low and high speeds 2003 Pontiac Grand Prixh, A Buyers Guide to the 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTec, A Buyers Guide to the 2011 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid, How to Replace a Car Battery Temperature Sensor. You must log in or register to reply here. If any of the vacuum hoses around your engine become damaged or worn out, you could experience air leakage from them. It appears that if you had "read" the actual code it would indicated an open O2 sensor HEATER, not the sensor itsself. Or show off your own car mod on Wednesdays. Take off exhaust manifold and clean the The engine then stalled. How to fix it. Only to find out that it was my EGR Replaced the rear differential's front mounting cushion to clear up the problem. Flat, hill, doesn't matter. CLEARED CODES AND CAR DRIVES FINE. Several years ago, having a Olds Intrigue 3.8 L, that smillar jerking effect happened and around this speed, car on top gear. The contact stated while driving approximately 40 mph, the vehicle began to shake and decelerated to 10 mph independently. went to dealer. Have a 1998 manual trans. Car likes cooler weather and my problem Repair or replace any hoses which are causing the leak. The most honest and funniest car channel on YouTube. Im not sure. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. the heater is only used during initial engine start up. Isabella83 Good work ehabmarco. you posted. 4k Camera: Just the other day it started bucking and sputtering around 40-45 mph while driving on the highway. 1. I decreased my speed to around 40 mph and the sputtering stopped. fuel filters, etc. Put the clear filter on and we are up and running past 40-45mph without the sputtering, hesitation and stalling. The Mechanic Monday Giveaway will begin October 8th at 7 am CST and run for six days, ending on October 14th at 9 am CST.2. This was traced back to a light film of corrosion on a coil wire. My mustang hesitates 40mph and gives me hill starts assistant not available ! If you want to eliminate the torque converter, just press on the brake pedal a bit when the problem occurs. that I should have all the fluids flushed and replaced soon. Never any sponsored content, just the truth about everything! If I am not driving at that speed and accelerating in the same rpm range . I have to shut off the engine in neutral and start again for it to move for a while and the same cycle happens again. 3. Clear editor. Can you describe the hesitation problem in as much detail as you can? Much appreciated. I have a 1996 Saturn SC2. I have a 2012 traverse. The car likely would still run fine at lower speeds, but it should be taken to a mechanic immediately. I had not tightened a clamp enough around the filter/pump area after replacing my entire fuel system. There are a lot of things that can cause this. Entrants that do not comply with YouTubes Community Guidelines will be disqualified: Lexus # 89465-50140 / Denso OEM # 234-4167 / Denso Universal # 234-4209 / Bosch OEM # 15272 / Bosch Universal # 15733, What year is your LS400 are you sure this isnt about that engine ECU problem where at 45 mph it feels like your engine hits something, like a super rough shift boom? Indeed, over time, vibrations, the pot fasteners on the automobile chassis can come off.The most common reason for your Mitsubishi Outlander to have a clunking noise/sound coming from under your car is worn brake pads. Those cars ran fine as well. . I did not mean to ask you to start searching for a vac leak. She kept it well maintained from what I was told. they were not sure how to fix it. The O2 heater resistance quoted as being required is quite a bit out of range with the actual factory shop/repair manual specification. 2 people found this helpful. Getting frustrated with money spending on hesitation problem.. mechanic have change injectors, pump, new iridium spark plug, filter and MAF.. Continuing attempts to accelerate can result in severe engine damage. seemed to go from constant to intermittent. would replace it for $3500 it was simply 2 $1.39 fuses. All the other vibrations have gone away. Valvegoodluck!!!!!! Just make sure nothing metallic can touch both lugs at once to avoid a short, and possible fire. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Misfires can be related to wrong plugs being used. Powered by Invision Community, Lexus LS400 / LS430 / LS460 / LS500h / LS600h Club, Hesitation (Misfire) When Cruising At 40 To 60 Mph. Here's an excerpt on the various sensor cross referencing (of part numbers): There are four O2 sensors in the LS430. This may be a sign of a dirty or failing mass air flow sensor. When trying to answer why your car hesitates when accelerating, the most common reason might be the mass airflow sensor is clogged or damaged. This one stayed. Also, a loose motor mount, or rear diff'l mount, might result in a tugging feel due to the resulting "in and out" action of the lockup clutch, at those speeds. You must log in or register to reply here. I replaced the spark plugs last night after reading your first post Marde. Could still be a carb issue even after rebuild. When the transmission shifts, engine noise usually will quiet down, and the RPMs will drop. Faulty filters - such as air filters and fuel filters - can cause engine hesitation during acceleration. My car is hesitating / jerking at speed intervals of 20 mph, 30 mph, 35 mph and 40 mph. It was the plug and wiring for the plug. So Sunday we packed up and headed back home, and about 30 mins into the drive traveling about 45 mph the engine started sputtering. 4 inch lift. The winner will be chosen at random.10. I don't understand why it drove perfectly that one time and I can't recreate it now. remove and spray with carb spray and make the the which of the 4 wires to connect? 3/4 i actuall had 2 fuses blown from a short in the wiring harnes the other was TRS CC Changed my spark plugs new valve cover gaskets oil on dip stick looks clear though had fuel in oil but tried igniting the oil on dip stick , nothing . It also makes noise when the cars sitting at a light or stop sign. My stabilize traction control light came on but went off now check engine light is on and my car hesitates when I step on the gas and go up a hill I got a 2011 Chevy cruze. The vehicle may even stumble entirely during these seconds. Q: My car jerks slightly when I'm at a steady speed or trying to stay at a constant speed only around 40mph to 50 mph. You can post now and register later. Check Engine Light with Code P0117. 2CarPros: Car Acceleration Questions and Answers. 2023 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Once Im going faster or slower it stops. Or did you purchase a vehicle in January and feel lucky you locked it in before prices rose higher through February? My car stalls when Im getting ready to pull of at a light and when I hit the gas I have hit hard for it to go and I have my fuel pump changed I have transmission leaks they were fix it just started doing it a few minutes and my car knocks while sitting a light and rattles when I take off sometimes, Any answers you described my issue to the T, I was wondering why does my car lose power/jerks and hesitates to accelerate when Im close to the E Ill have 60 miles of fuel left and it starts to act weird. I have a '96 saturn sl1. brakes were replaced within the past When a car starts jerking as you accelerate it, there is undoubted that it's usually a sign of an impending issue. Well, you gotta first check the basics. year amongst other things. 4. Quick edit: I confirmed the TPS was getting proper power voltage. Could be some debris in the secondary jet. to Amazon, eBay and other sites may include affiliate code. the S series doesn't have a MAF but a MAP OK for local driving. a sticky valve . Display as a link instead, You will need to figure out the cause of this problem and get it fixed by an experienced mechanic. The engine control unit depends on the MAP sensor to determine the engine load. So now comes the task of draining and cleaning the gas tank. Actually I called it misfire based on the link below which explains that misfire can be caused by one 3 things: 2- the air/fuel mixture is too far out of balance to ignite,, In my case a random misfire (hesitation) was happening every 4 to 5 seconds and was caused by a bad air/fuel mixture (lean misfire) due to the bad oxygen sensor, This sensor was causing a rough idle too, after changing it, no more hesitation when cruising and idle became much smoother, the link below helped me to test the sensor, However, sometimes car jerks when accelerating is a common problem faced by several car owners. If your ECM is adjusting the engine to run too rich this could happen. The ignition wires may be bad. The fuel filter 's job is to filter the fuel going to the fuel injectors and then enter the engine. lol. The '90 and one of the '92's are now off the list. outdoor heated pool massachusetts,
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